January 19, 2012

poem 20 of a poem a day for 2012

matchbook fertilizer

each memory I stir 
mortar and pestle 
its pollen grains 
of embrace
yellowing them 
corner-curling them
like old polaroids in
a shoebox of photographs
tangling my happy captures,
with the sad purity 
of my tides' 

gives me

the power of forgetting 
anything I need to
in the rain

it's not muscular
the way I remember
some things or 
sand certain things
against my paper 
thin boundaries
it's a dexterity
of necessity
it's my fingers finding 
the strikeboard
the press of sulphur 
and glue 
and waxed paper
printed with
this desire 
for you
to burn me 
to ash

EJR (c)

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