December 8, 2011

deviance at the doorstep,love out the window...

  deviance at the doorstep,love out the window...

no one
seems to mind
or care
or see
how bent
the lent parts
of what
a dirty mind
that tends to swim
in hot wax
can coagulate

beneath the snow
what slows the sped gates
and pieced undertows
of what muddy desire holds
in glass globes
on wooden pedestals
with tiny pyres
ribboning music
hand cranking
above your head
pieces of time
petal falling
to what-ever it is you need
I'm sure you're
just another spin away
from home

another tiny danced poem
to curl small fires
against a window
head leaning
into the cold night
just outside where
worn-out entries
to what hails the poor
pinched nipples
that were bled for,
that were fed for,
more meat to fill
another sold soul's
usury bill

12/8/11  (c) EJR

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