November 18, 2011

reticulated divine

red ocher surrender

with an inextremis love
she gives me escape
in an ineffable feeling

she tombs nations
razes concrete to canyons
longing to have an affair
with her that the trees do

she will outlast
any measure of time
I can poeticize
she levels my crooked desire
she is the bringer
of my reeded fire
she births me
she floods me
she cradles the wind of me

she knows the sodhouses
filled with my trembled Dawns
she waits for the last light
to sing my gravity's song
she is what remembers
when I'm gone

she is my stab-tilled rich loams
of what lies undiscovered
she is the umbrella
that shields my blooms

she is your lover
she is our lover
she is
my lover

my hands
my heart
are always
her open


  1. This is absolutely amazing. I am in love with every line but if I were to pick a favorite it's "She tombs nations, razes concrete to canyons." What a wonderful expression of mother nature. The goddess sings through you, of that I am convinced.

  2. My pen rest for want when I read your words. You are indeed the poet's poet. Thank you so much for sharing you for sharing your Self with the universe.

  3. Thank you...really appreciate when anyone takes the time to make a comment...and for my writing to resonate outside of the melody and rhythm of me is pretty awe-inspiring...and a little wink from the Moon that I may be on the right path for me...te amo...Edward

  4. I love this:

    "my hands
    my heart
    are always
    her open