July 25, 2011

bending time in the arms of a lover

fitting slippered
glass moves
as tall grass
hooves the wind
where we might begin
thoughts spin
stopped and popped
as if beginning again
eternal selfless love
rock spun gravity
gifting a peel that lanterns
the skin past what pains I shadow
what I paint the x with
and treasure
what measures
how fast our humanity
can consume itself
shelf-lived paving
the drive and way
crescent Moon wanes
rooftops peered
nearer the clearest dark
that her fertile folded wombs sow
into a ripening Dawn
lugging a nautilus of time
in the purity of the tides
stilled, nodding
to the rhythm in the distilled wades
she paces where even the faces
of Jocasta can wrap the slow release of reeds,Summer in fluted repose waters aware that properly turned hearts spun into the air,into our accordian pulses and breaths into our stacked bricks, in so much as we can assure the pace we race, in little wrapped tremolos
our moorings solo as might
even yet mud wet get that
we evolve in and revolve around just being
what the juried absence of colored chance hears with
constant war in the ears,
any goodbye
my hands can
outstretch to
she always reaches for my
fingers wanting more
suckling the divine knots
her dreams' light
along the thinnest
of membranes
that plant love in the seedbird cries,
her geometry is enough
to make me sing
into where she measures what
nurtures a harvest
of wanting
of the nine sisters adorn
her horn of plenty
waves curling
my lips
the sweetest
taste of how
she of many places
rings all the parts of me,
she shares
what needs ringing
my tongue bells
against the lock I
wish in the smallest of yesses,
of how she opens blessed
my eyes vined in her tresses
in the tines dressed
mouthing bare
how much I wear
what she smiles

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