June 11, 2011

where I end, may you begin...

Jump, the sky is behind us

now, closing your eyes
Is always safe
in the swift whipped
snap of our curving
to an end
or just another bend
where time sits emits stymied wit
scattered like leaves
matted to all the scarred land
skin I’ve left,
on the body of our Summer  
deftly passing through my flesh,
what used to burn bright,
the fight and  forage,
our flight our storage
you think of course
I might have known
that someday
as you did all along
 how grown, how together
we must be to abdicate
what flowers  will age
and weather with what we peppers for
a silly or a sage thought  and hidden smile
or something that comes when
minstrels whisk dusty regard into laughter,
trailing it into our fires
and bluing the edges of what we once were
ashes and ivy as we fall lively,
upon the sharp angles I ride,
hide what  clouds my way home again
as I cut this whirring mad world into smaller
and smaller bits
and the price that knits
what I wear
and fit what arms
my withholding of
any light  that eats
away at my dark
is rising high
there is no need to bleed out
in the rain anymore
when I know the worms will
out wait any fence
I try to build
or mend…

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