December 30, 2010

where the donkeys roam and the elephants are loamy graves...the nymphs and satyrs are no longer slaves...

globalization is a buzzword for the prison of politics...whether it be personal or public, politics is a vengeful bane on our, you cannot bow because you are the leader of the "free world"(what does that mean anyway? )... and as such you shouldn't kowtow to any sheik or maoist or whatever xenophobic bogeyman the newspeaking  velvety sledgehammered media throws out at us, oooh mock and caw...the divisions or revisions, depending on who is writing history, keep humanity from for the individual brave enough to leap into the dark without wings and finding falling not much different from flying once you realize there is no ground that is common I am a simple poet who pines that wines are a more patient pallbearer of history...hidden inside the seed bleeding Sun and rain, soil needs to reach and ride the blooms that fall aside and hide where the sugar knows to go and smile behind closed eyes...nameste

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